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The All-In-One
Rental Management
Solution System

Malaysia's First IoT Enabled Automation Rental Management System


Automated Rental Collection

Automate and digitalize rental collection by collecting rental efficiently


Automated Access Control

Automatic assign access to tenant linked with tenancy


Automated Energy Control

Smart way to monitor electric fairly and transparently




Automate, digitalize and systemize your day-to-day co-living operation with iBilikPlus integrated Rental Management System


Automated Rent Recovery

Rental paid on time with IoT integration.



Remotely and securely complete agreement complied with ECA2006


Accounting Solution

Automate and simplified your accounting process


Tenant Runaway Insurance

Protect landlord and ease tenant in renting with zero-deposit


Automated Marketing Solution

Auto boost room posting, VR-ed room tour and AI powered virtual advisor


Tenant Screening & Profiling by CTOS

Screen reliable tenant through background check.

Automated Rental Collection

Annoyed of chasing tenant for their rental??

Automated Rental Collection

Auto rental payment through direct debit. Auto generate scheduled invoice, auto send overdue reminder, auto issue payment receipt. Systemize collection record and access real-time report.


Worried about security of door access and key management for your property? 

Smart Lock System

You don't even need to be there for the check-in! System remotely create unlimited passcode or e-key for tenant and allow them to self set up with their NRIC or thumbprint!

Smart Lock System

Frustrated with manual recording, calculating and chasing of electricity bills?

Self top up Smart Meter

Tenant can fully control their electricity usage with self top up metering. More transparent and fair electricity management.

Digital Smart Meters

Hate to keep on remind & chase tenant for rental??

Automated Rent Recovery

iBilikPlus Smart Lock will auto freeze access if rental overdue and auto unfreeze access when payment make. iBilikPlus Smart Meter will auto disconnect electricity if rental overdue and auto connect electricity when payment completed.

Rental Recovery

Keep repeating tedious accounting works and manual recording take up a lot of time and manpower?

Automated Accounting Solution

Automatic sync accounting info and data to your accounting system. Access to your business growth with just a glance.

Accounting Solution

Stress of getting  unoccupied room to be tenanted?

Marketing Solution

Integrated auto boost listing for more leads, immersive VR 360 room tour ease tenant viewing & booking and ibilikPreferred certified room make renting peace of mind.

Marketing Solution

Spending lots of time to create and stamp your tenancy agreements?

E-Tenancy Agreements

Easily create your tenancy agreements to be signed and stamped without wasting your precious hours to prepare them! You can ask your tenants to fill in their own details!

E-Tenancy Agreements

Tenant cannot effort to rent due to high move in cost?

Tenant Runaway Insurance

Landlord interest is protected by insurance company if tenant runaway whereas Tenant enjoy low move in cost to get their favorite room.

Tenant Runaway Insurance

Unsure of tenant background and worry of accepting bad tenant?

Tenant Screening & Profiling by CTOS

1 click to check tenant background with CTOS System. Access tenant rental credit information powered by CTOS

Tenant Screening CTOS

Have the whole team on board!

Everybody gets an account.


Invite tenants to sign up and pay rent online, manage maintenance requests, and more.



Invite owners to sign up and collect rent online, manage maintenance requests, and more.



Invite landlords to sign up and collect rent online, manage maintenance requests, and more.


Service on Demand

Coming Soon


Let the automation do the work for you. Through automation, you are able to save countless hours each month on your rental management. You can even manage your properties while you're on a holiday!


iBilikPlus' system is built to assist you from lead-to-lease, ensuring you have an easy and hassle-free rental management. 


We are built from start-to-end, covering as many corners as possible so you don't need to worry about missing out on anything, be it the rental, your keys or even any documents!


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